Will Indy… (potential spoilers)

No Ticket

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The recent pictures and videos of Harrison on set with dots on his face make me wonder if they may attempt to de-age him throughout the entirety of the film and not just for flashbacks. What do you guys think about that? Would you be for or against it?

Personally, I’m not against it as long as they only make him just slightly younger looking… considering Ford is 79 next month.


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I am all for it as long as they can make it look convincing, which I believe they will. I personally think it will be for a flashback sequence that opens the movie, ala Last Crusade. I do not believe they will rely on it for the entirety of the movie, all though it’s possible we may get flashbacks scattered throughout the movie leading up to the third act. Just my 5 cents.
I think they'll have several big flashbacks, but most of it will be the "present" (1960s).

HF, even in his 70s, is ripped. I think old man Jones could kick all our asses. Watch "Call of the Wild," he's BUFF.


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I definitely think there will be de-aging happening. Whether it’s for the entire film or not, I’m not sure. But with the dots on his face and other leaked images with Nazi imagery, I think it’s a definite yes. I would be fine with an entire movie of him de-aged.


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I hope the movie weaves two narratives so we have flashbacks that fill in and inform the “present”. The same adventure in two or more different times. I’m just happy to get an Indy message board back. Thanks for the hard work!


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As long as it isn’t jarring. Obviously Ford isn’t gonna move the same way he did in the 80s, which is fine, but hopefully those de-aged scenes that are close up to his face aren’t too bad. I know James mangold liked a tweet of someone saying that they hope the film doesn’t use too much cgi and deaging so it should only be a small portion of the movie .


Here he is shopping in Mayfair on the weekend: he doesn't need much de-ageing!



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I, for one, hope the de-aging is kept to a minimum. I hope its just for an intro flashback. As good as the tech is getting, you can always tell that something is off.

Ohio Jones

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I think there may be both flashback scenes at the start, but also de-aging throughout. The Irishman gets a lot of crap for the deaging, but some of it was subtle enough that people probably took it for granted. For instance, Joe Pesci didn't look as young as he was seemingly meant to be playing, but he got a pretty subtle face lift throughout.joe-pesci-the-irishman-vfx-de-aging.jpg