SPOILER POLICY - Revised 6/19/21, please read!

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I have created a few SPOILER SPECIFIC threads that are OKAY for spoilers to be posted in.

You MUST post in those stickied threads if you want to post without having to utilize spoiler tags. For example, there’s one specifically for set photos, general Indy 5 discussion, etc. This is so new posts won’t give anything away to users who don’t want to be spoiled but search the “New” posts …

There are two main spoiler policy rules otherwise:

  1. Do not give away a major spoiler in the title of a new thread since it will show up for all users in the New posts category.

  2. Please utilize the spoiler tags for things that may give away anything very spoiler heavy if you are not posting in the SPOILER specific thread.

    Although you can automatically generate them by the little “mask” icon when posting, this seems to only work for text. I would recommend typing spoiler in-between brackets [ ] when posting images. See below:

like this example

The best practice would be to only post spoilers in the spoiler specific thread. The rules may get updated again in the future depending on how things go! Post in the site suggestions thread if you have ideas!
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