Like Hunting Nazis? Check out Wolfenstein


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If you guys are looking forward to Indy 5, I suggest you check out “Wolfenstein New Order”. It’s 1960’s Nazis, Secret Societies, Good versus Evil. Check out any Wolfenstein games for that matter.

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For those who are REALLY old-school, this was one of the earlier versions of the game:

It was the sequel to the original, but a bit more involved in terms of plot. The first time around, you were trying to escape. Now, you are searching the building for a bomb which you will place just outside Hitler's meeting room while dodging guards, bribing them, giving them the proper pass or just shooting/stabbing them.

A buddy of mine had this game and his mom hated it, complaining about the death screams the guards made every time they died. "But they're just Nazis, who cares?" was our usual reply. ;)