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  1. idolseeker

    Indy Collections

    thanks a lot :giggle:(y)
  2. idolseeker

    Ahhh ,Desert ; Chilled Monkeybrains 🐒

    Ahhh ,Desert ; Chilled Monkeybrains 🐒
  3. idolseeker

    Indy Collections

    well it seems i have to show you more of my maninthehatfertilityidolcollecion otherwise you will leave me behind :ROFLMAO: ps: yesss there is more !!!
  4. idolseeker

    Indy Collections

    :LOL: Hey good fertilityidolidea!It looks almost like the lego game!NICEwork !
  5. idolseeker

    Indy Collections

    Hy guys as mensiond before this is part of my maninthehatindy collection. more is to comming soon ;)
  6. idolseeker

    How did you celebrate 40th Anniversary of Raiders...

    watshing all 4 mouvies ,and having idian food. dont worry no monkey brains or snake surprise!:LOL::LOL:
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    Favorite films?

    I know i am the minority but for me its :tod ,raiders ,last crusade and last cristal skull just love tod !!!
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    News roundup videos from Indiana Jones Nerd SPOILERS

    I totally agree, you can see that he isent after " fortune and glory" ! Hes a real indy fan iii
  9. idolseeker

    Indy Collections

    Nice collection you have there .I gladly show pics of my indy prop collection shortly.
  10. idolseeker

    News roundup videos from Indiana Jones Nerd SPOILERS

    yes,thanks a lot for your nice work informing us all of the latest indy news !!! p.s.i enjoid your joung indy cronicles versions !!! keep up that exelent work !!!
  11. idolseeker

    [WINNER ANNOUNCED] Grand Opening Giveaway!! Win the 4K Boxset!

    Big picture / color improvement compared to the blu ray versión !!! Let fortune and glory be with me !!!