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    Indy 5 - Official News Thread

    James Mangold interview on Indy 5: (Again, for the benefit of you Guests browsing this forum- you count, too.) :)
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    Indy 5 - Official News Thread

    Official Poster! Yes, this is for all you anonymous Guests browsing this forum. :)
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    Indy 5 - Official News Thread

    Official Trailer! (Click to see!) (Yes, I know no one comes here anymore- but there are guests here who still browse, and it would be unkind to keep this from them. Enjoy!)
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    Indy 5 - General Discussion (Spoilers Okay!)

    Empire magazine covers showing artwork:
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    Indy 5 - Leaked set photos (Spoilers Okay!)

    I know nobody's here, but it amuses me to post this where few will discover it: a distorted and low-quality copy of the "sizzle reel" for the upcoming film! (At least, this is where you'll...
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    How and when did you get into Indy?

    That's a shame about this board- it has a good vibe to it, and I tend to support the underdog, preferring to post in smaller communities like this one instead of the bigger places where one can get lost, so to speak. I'll probably poke my head in occasionally in case anyone comes back again...
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    Like Hunting Nazis? Check out Wolfenstein

    For those who are REALLY old-school, this was one of the earlier versions of the game: It was the sequel to the original, but a bit more involved in terms of plot. The first time around, you were trying to escape. Now, you are searching the building for a bomb which you will place just outside...
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    How and when did you get into Indy?

    My pleasure. I stumbled across it by chance, decided to look around and post a few things. I miss being on an Indiana Jones message board; it's been a while. :)
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    Last Crusade PC VGA Game

    This is a walkthrough of the entire game (over 82 minutes!) and if anyone's familiar with the video games Maniac Mansion or Zack McCracken, you'll find a lot of similar humor, such as running gags and breaking of the fourth wall- things that are certainly NOT in the movie. Still, an entertaining...
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    The Mandalorian

    I found The Mandalorian an interesting and successful experiment- can an audience identify with a character whose face we almost never see? They say an actor's eyes are the most important part for an audience to make an emotional connection to, so obscuring these parts of the face don't help...
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    Favorite films?

    Raiders is the best, period. My opinion comes from being a film student decades ago. There's SO much to analyze and from an aesthetic view, it's practically perfect. Here's an example of breathtaking composition: The lighting on Toht's face portrays him as shadowy. Speaking of lighting, the...
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    How and when did you get into Indy?

    I'm one of the old-timers who saw Raiders back in the theater- I was around 9 or 10 years old, and was hooked. I no longer wanted to play a cowboy or a soldier, I wanted to be Indy and had a rough piece of rope that I used as a makeshift whip until my parents bought me a small 3' from an Indian...
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    Exploring this ghost town of a message board.

    Exploring this ghost town of a message board.
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    Indiana Jones and the Ikons of Ikammanen Motion Comic

    Your video brought back pleasant memories- Marvel's first year and a half with this comic was pure gold.
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    Indy 5 Costume

    Given that the official costume shown at D23 has no gunbelt, I'm wagering that Indy doesn't carry a firearm in this movie. I can guess two reasons: One, it looks like Indy spends much...
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    What’s so bad about KOTCS?

    For me, KOTCS is a mixed bag, but for the most part I do like it. the only real problems lie with the artifact and too many supporting characters. The Legend of Akator for some reason didn't gel with me on first viewing, and I kept forgetting where they were headed and why. Every other treasure...
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    Lets see those Bull Whips.

    A Joe Strain 10' bullwhip. I've had this whip since 2001. Still in fairly good condition, although it's much darker in color nowadays.
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    Indy 5 - General Discussion (Spoilers Okay!)

    My only concern lately is that I don't see Ben Burtt's name attached to the film in any way. For those who don't know that name, he's the guy who gave us all those wonderful sound effects in the Star Wars & Indy films! It doesn't look like he's the sound designer for Indy 5, so although I'm...